Should Black History Month Be Celebrated Only 28 Days Out Of The Year?🧐


'Black Heroes'-The Book That Aims To Keep Black History A Priority All Year Long!

Black Heroes

Did you know that a Black Man singlehandedly made it possible for smartphones to work…?


Every Year, we arrive at Black History Month, do a little bit of reflecting and before we know it....

It's Over...

Today, it’s even harder for young black children to learn about the people who sacrificed everything because of the over-stimulation of social media, video games, and more

And with today’s busy parents, they may not have the time and resources to show their kids the GREATNESS in which they come from…

There should be a simple way to give them the knowledge of historical black excellence

These babies MUST KNOW the LEGACY of more incredible black people than just MLK and Rosa Parks!!

I felt THIS EXACT WAY and said that I’m going to create something for my children that gives them

access to this history

And I’m going to do it in a way that makes it EASY for them to have it on them


SMRT Jeremy Leeper Copywriter Dallas Texas Dallas TX

Hi, I’m Jeremy, I’m an entrepreneur, published author and Black Father who cares DEEPLY for my children’s growth and preparation in this fast changing world...

My wish and motivation has been for my kids to be ARMED with not only

knowledge of “how-to”, but “who Am I”

I believe it is SUPER IMPORTANT for them to know their Black History and that without it, their

GREATNESS could be limited by society's rules

And I felt that time was running out on my ability to drive home this important fact…

That’s why I created 'BLACK HEROES- A collection of 101 essays on Historically Prolific and Influential Black People'

An ebook filled with 101 Black People of yesterday and today who have undoubtedly changed the course of OUR history

black 1

In this book you’ll find the Black Man who invented the technology for smartphones to work

The Black Woman who created a mechanism for torpedoes to launch properly during WW2, and did so as a housewife

The Black Man who invented the first clock in America made from mostly scrap wooden parts, and was in perfect synchronicity with the planets, moon, and stars….

The first Black Woman to become a millionaire and did so in the era of the Great Depression DEFYING ALL ODDS


Black 2

This book is for the busy parents that want to teach their children about where they came from, but couldn’t find a quick reference with 101 people to pull from at any time they wish

For the teenagers and young adults who unsubscribe from what this crazy world is feeding them in school, and have a thirst for the truth about their ancestors….

And this book is for the children, the MOST VULNERABLE and susceptible to indoctrination from the media and what the school system chooses for them to know and learn about who they REALLY ARE

Black 3

This is Black Heroes, not only a collection of essays, but so much more!!

This is a textbook on black excellence in times of persecution and discrimination

A guide on how to BREAK THE CHAINS of the mind and STEP INTO THE POWER that we ALL possess…

A meditation and reflection of fortitude, and how even today, black people as a whole CAN RISE UP

from our condition to a power unlike anything this world has ever seen


Originally priced at $24.99, and NOW priced at ONLY $9.99.

60% OFF!!!

Black Heroes

Here’s what people are saying about Black Heroes…

"Honestly, I had no idea that most of these people existed..."

Shawn Lovell

"You can't beat having a book with all the people from history you know and don't know in one place."

Brandon Turner

"My kids love the book and keep telling me facts over and over. I can see the book sparked something in them, thank you!"

Keisha Bryant

With this book in your possession, you will have the ability to teach your kids, nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, ANYONE about the AWESOME Black People who shined bright despite of despair and strife! 

When you purchase this book, you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to download both the pdf and epub version to read on your phone, kindle, or other app or device of your choosing…

And you will also get access to the “Hero Wall” where you can submit your favorite heroes that didn’t make it into the book, highlighting what makes them incredible TO YOU

What you WON’T GET is a watered-down version of the legacies of the heroes within these pages. Every hero is important and their unique story and contribution should be told in a way that would make them proud….

You WON’T GET two or three little lines about 101 black people. The essays within are packed with pertinent information and in some cases- a lil bit mo’

You WILL NOT get a little 30 page ebook! This ebook took a whole lot of time to create, and a TON of editing. 333 pages on your mobile phone!

And this WILL NOT be hard to read. 

This book is written in a normal, natural tone, straight to the point. The chapters are easy to navigate, tap or click on the name of the hero and it takes you directly to their chapter!

It Has Never been easier to keep up with black history and the people who made it worthy of our attention. No longer do we leave Black History Month and not have a way to reflect throughout the year whenever we please... 

THIS BOOK is the way that we move forward while learning of the challenges that were faced, mistakes that were made, and obstacles our ancestors overcame and how we CONTINUE to defy expectations, dazzle the masses, and create change for our people.  

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