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An experienced, Conversion Copywriter in Dallas Texas

Hey, I'm Jeremy.

Founder of SMRT COPY
SEO Specialist | Copywriting Beast

For the last 5 years I have dedicated my life to empowering others and helping small businesses grow to unimaginable heights utilizing the power of Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Copywriting, and Content Marketing. 

Forever a pupil of Psychology and Service, I have built my Dallas Texas copywriting agency SMRT COPY around the questions “What motivates people?” and “How can I anticipate expectations while over-delivering in quality?”. This drive to understand people on a deep level coupled with a genuine interest on helping others achieve greatness is what gives  SMRT COPY the ultimate advantage above our competition. 

I’m on a mission to empower 1000 small businesses, helping them become the authority in their industry and arming them with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in the tech-heavy future of business. 


Dominate search results, crush the competition, and rule the web with our unbeatable SEO strategies. Become the omnipresent authority.


Unlock explosive sales growth with our conversion copywriting. The ultimate weapon to outsmart, outsell, and outperform the competition.

Web Design

Get the ultimate online edge with our custom, professional web designs. Stunning visuals, seamless UX, and unbeatable performance.

Wait for it…

The Dallas Copywriter with the sauce.

Ok, so you want to hire a copywriter. 

Not just any copywriter. 

You want a copywriter that appeals to multiple demographics and understands “the culture“. 

You seek a copywriting BEAST that enjoys reading old psychology textbooks while eating a blueberry bagel and drinking dandelion root tea. 

A really, really good copywriting savant who executes perfect prose and juicy results backed by data?

Well, my friend… You’ve come to the right place. 

I am him… He is I.

I have a knack for crafting witty words that evoke emotion and entertain while simultaneously implanting your brand voice directly into the subconscious of your clients or customers… Kinda like Neuralink. 


 Not only do I specialize in direct response copy as well as conversion copywriting, my discipline in SEO arms me with a search-focused approach and gives your marketing the “evergreen edge” necessary to maintain relevancy and authority across all of your digital channels

Strategic Copywriter

Disciplines in Psychology and SEO allow for expertly targeted customer avatars, data-driven email marketing campaigns, and copy that quickly builds brand recognition and loyalty.

Technical Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter proficient in SEO has its advantages. I create copy that that is fully optimized for driving traffic to landing pages and websites, strategically built for ranking across multiple SERPs like Google and Youtube.

Dope Copywriter

Having the technical and strategy is not enough. The greatest and highest paid copywriters in the world understand the one thing that ultimately gets your customers or clients to respond to your brand: "Dope Messaging"

Reputation Is Everything.

“Before SEO and other services, I got very few calls from my website. Now, local prospects find me quite easily when they Google any of the services I provide.”

-Marlene, Owner @ Royalty Life and Health Insurance Agency 

“I hired Jeremy with SMRT COPY to design and implement an email campaign. Not only was the turnaround lightning fast, we saw a 700% jump in our Open Rate and a 52% increase in our CTR with the very first email. What’s more important than this is Jeremy is a pleasure to work with. He knows empathy as well as his stuff. Get him on your team.”

-Kin, Owner @ Nuways LLC

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